Being able to travel the world is what every individual dreams of doing. Unfortunately not everyone gets to fulfill the good life. Taking a trip around the world through a cruise or resort is ideal. Being able to find trips for under $500 is always my goal and probably many of yours as well.All inclusive trips with flights, food, and hotel included is always the best type of trip to secure. Many times being apart of some type of rewards program will save you tons of money. USAA has a really awesome member benefits in regards to travel/hotel stays. Purchasing your tickets months out will usually save you tons of money. If you are not in a rush buying them at the last minute under clearance sections will usually slash 30 to 50% off of the flights, cruises, or hotels.

If you plan to travel out of the country always make copies of your passports and also leave a copy with family members in case they have to contact the embassy. Traveling overseas can be a bit challenging and also a culture shock in many cases. Be sure to check local customs and traditions as well to avoid any confrontations or offensive actions. Getting the currencies from your local bank before getting to the country will many of the times get you the best exchange.

Budgeting properly and making sure you have enough money allocated for the trip is a definite must on any trip. Checking the weather forecast before your trip will help you plan for any major storms or typhoons that may or may not occur. Contacting your bank and letting them know to lift your limit on your credit card is also very helpful to avoid having your vacation purchases declined. If you are military affiliated you can get great discounts purchasing tickets through the MWR/ITR before getting to the destination. The key is to have your trip planned out before getting there is always the best plan of action.